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Our Packages

There is no such thing as a standard wedding at The Pine Hill Ranch. We believe each bride deserves to have a wedding crafted to her unique needs and wants. We offer four packages which cover a wide spectrum of wedding design and a thoughtful list of product and service options that truly make each wedding at The Pine Hill Ranch one-of-a-kind. Further, with our concierge approach, day-of and planner options, we have worked hard to make the planning process easy for both bride and family.

Please see below an abbreviated description of inclusions and benefits of The Pine Hill Ranch Wedding and the following pages for specific wedding packages.

Pine Hill Ranch Amenities

The Pine Hill Ranch offers a unique combination of privacy, exclusivity, service, hospitality and wedding options. We aspire to provide the best wedding and guest experience in the world. The following benefits and inclusions are a part of each wedding at The Pine Hill Ranch:

  • Exclusive use of property the day of event
  • Gated property
  • 250-acre ranch
  • Event Planning
  • Event Management
  • Onsite restrooms
  • Choice of entertainment locations, great for larger bands
  • Multi-purpose, climate-controlled event space (indoor) • Tenting Options
  • Plan “B” options
  • Backdrop of lodge and barns
  • Extensive grounds designed and maintained to the highest standards
  • Eco-friendly business and event practices
  • Parking for over 200 vehicles
  • Extensive option list
  • Transparent pricing and contracting protocols


One of the hallmarks of The Pine Hill Ranch weddings — regardless of whether you use a private wedding planner or work directly with Mary and her team — is a solid plan for your important day.

When working with our brides, we bring the full knowledge of our team and property in applying stress tests that result in plans built for a variety of conditions and avoid pitfalls.  The end result is a realistic plan built for success, guest comfort and a succession of “wow” moments that fill your day. Our planning often covers the entire experience at The Pine Hill Ranch and beyond, from guest arrival, entertainment, transportation, hotel assistance, hair and makeup, photography and videography, we have identified and partner with proven regional talent and avail those resources to our clients.

Why burden yourself and family with a long task list when our team can deliver to you many of the best professionals in their respective fields for your choosing? With all of the packages, we traditionally assist, consult or even completely develop plans for:

PHR Planning Items:

  • Day’s itinerary
  • Ceremony processional
  • Processional musicians
  • Ceremony seating
  • Bridal transport to the ranch
  • Floral design
  • Hotel recommendations
  • Rehearsal venues
  • Large coach transport to the ranch
  • Departure vehicles
  • Wearable floral for bride and groom’s party
  • Reception dining room design
  • Catering menu
  • Cocktail party food, entertainment and beverage design
  • Dancing + Entertainment


This Package Includes:

  • Up to 2 hours of event time
  • Custom Event Planning with our wedding planner (2 sessions)
  • Procession planning and Processional management with our wedding planner •Rehearsal at The Pine Hill Ranch with our wedding planner
  • Ceremony seating
  • The Pine Hill Ranch Bride’s bouquet and Groom’s boutonniere
  • 1 photoshoot at The Pine Hill Ranch
  • Welcome Refreshment Party
  • Pre-event Bridal Suite access
  • Pre-event Groom’s Suite access
  • Access to our concierge, catering, floral, entertainment, and transportation options
  • 1-Invoice, ‘No Hassle’ solution


  • Pre-Spring January 8 – March 31
  • Spring April 1 – June 25
  • Summer June 26 – August 31
  • Fall September 1 – November 26
  • Winter November 27 – December 17
  • Sunday-Friday $5,600
  • Saturday $11,700

Pricing is for up to 50 attendees with additional attendees pricing is $12/person. Maximum of 100 attendees. Pricing exclusive of tax.

Catering Options

This package is intended for those parties hosting Reception Meal services at an alternate location. Please see Mary, our wedding planner, for an assortment of refreshment options that may be added.


Allow our team to plan an abundant and gracious wedding with your personal touches and preferences for a beautifully unique day.

This package includes:

  • Up to 4 hours of event time
  • Up to 2 scheduled photoshoots
  • 3 Pine Hill Ranch planning sessions with our wedding planner
  • Rehearsal
  • Wedding itinerary development
  • Processional design & management
  • Event management by our Planner
  • Welcome Refreshment Party
  • Ceremony seating
  • Floral planning
  • No pouring/bottling fee
  • Elegant Send-off
  • 1-Invoice, ‘No Hassle’ solution
  • Access to Bridal & Groom suites
  • 2 Catering options


  • Pre-Spring January 8 – March 31, $6,800
  • Spring April 1 – June 25, $8,100
  • Summer June 26 – August 31, $6,800
  • Fall September 1 – November 26, $8,100
  • Winter November 27 – December 17, $6,800
  • Sunday-Friday listed above
  • Saturday $10,050

Pricing is for up to 100 attendees, + $15/attendee 101-200, +$35/person 201-300 (max).

Floral and Catering Options

  • Guests may use The Pine Hill Ranch’s floral services or our floral partner — design the perfect bouquet, boutonniere, attendant body floral and reception tablescaping (pricing dependent upon selections).
  • This package requires a choice of either The Pine Hill Ranch Barn Dinner’ (below) or the “Custom Reception Meal’ (below) added to the package.  Please see below for approximate pricing for catering.

(All pricing listed above and below exclusive of tax)

This package must add one of The Pine Hill Ranch custom catering options. Mary, our planner, will design the reception dining room layout, chairs, tables, tablecloths and napkins, glassware, plate-ware, refreshments, and manage our service staff (setup, breakdown, and all meal service).

‘The Pine Hill Ranch Barn Catering’ option includes The Pine Hill Ranch wedding cake or selection of homemade desserts. For greater flexibility, the ‘Custom Catering’ option equips Brides to design a custom reception meal and dining room working with Mary, our wedding planner, and approved caterers. $100/person invoiced through our ‘1-Invoice Solution’ with applicable vendor management fee.  In addition to the reception meal, several food and drink options can accentuate your guest experience.  Consider a large offering of appetizers, passed hors d’oeuvre, custom wine pairing with a sommelier or a progressive wine-tasting. Visit with Mary for additional options and pricing.


Possibly one of the most complete wedding offerings available, our option 3 package incorporates the products, services and insightful conveniences that help transform the engagement process from a long list of “To Dos” to “Done”. We have covered almost all aspects of your experience at Pine Hill Ranch from tenting to cocktail hour to bands, processional music and an attendant who will be by your side the entire day. Additionally, this program can help dash frustration and time sinks by covering seating chart assistance, RSVP assistance, invitation mailing and Sunday brunch reservations. The extended time allowance at The Pine Hill Ranch provides for one of the richest experiences available at the Ranch and fills the day and evening with joyous moments for your guests, punctuated by carefully planned special moments for the couple. You are empowered to design a custom floral program and have the option of two catering plans. Knowing our venue better than anyone, we have carefully considered how to unlock The Pine Hill Ranch’s full value not only as a wedding venue, but for your pre-wedding planning as well. This package has limited availability, please check early for your date.

This package includes:

  • Up to 6 hours of event time
  • Welcome Refreshment party
  • Musicians for Procession
  • Cocktail hour with attendants (does not include alcohol)
  • Tented Reception & Rain Plan
  • Band/DJ for dancing
  • ‘Day of Attendant’ to assist bride + family
  • RSVP assistance
  • 2 catering options
  • Event management by our Planner
  • Up to 3 scheduled photoshoots
  • 3 planning sessions at The Pine Hill Ranch
  • Access to Bridal and Groom preparation suites
  • Ceremony seating
  • Our specialty wedding cake
  • No pouring/bottling fee**
  • Elegant Send-Off
  • 1-Invoice, ‘No Hassle’ solution
  • Rehearsal
  • Custom wedding itinerary
  • Floral planning
  • Invitation assistance
  • Seating chart assistance
  • Processional design and management


  • Pre-Spring January 8 – March 31, $19,300
  • Spring April 1 – June 25, $20,300
  • Summer June 26 – August 31, $19,300
  • Fall September 1 – November 26, $20,300
  • Winter November 27 – December 17, $19,300
  • Sunday-Friday prices listed above
  • Saturday, $22,300

Other Pricing

  • Pricing is for up to 100 attendees, +$25/attendee 101-200 attendees,+$45/attendee 201-300 attendees.
  • Guests may use The Pine Hill Ranch’s floral services or our floral partner — design the perfect bouquet, boutonniere, attendant body floral and reception tablescaping (pricing dependent upon selections).